Our Crafts

Terracotta Eco-Friendly Kettles, Cups, and Trays

While we aspire to embellish our homes and make them beautiful, we also need to consider our responsibility towards mother nature and its preservation. Keeping these ideas in mind, we created an extraordinary range of Eco-Friendly Terracotta kettles, cups, and trays made with natural products and left no carbon footprint behind. 

Terracotta wall decor designed by Sanjib Bhattacharya

Allowing us to comprehend the true potential of terracotta art, these amazingly designed terracotta wall decor pieces are created by the ingenious artist, Mr Sanjib Bhattacharya. Each piece is uniquely designed to add a particular feel and appeal to a refined interior and can embellish your rooms with an earthy ambiance. The colour schemes for each piece have been inspired by a different motif, with which the artist has tried to encompass the essence of Indian art and its heritage. Each piece speaks of a different realm of art of our country, and helps us reconnect with our roots that are forgotten.

Wooden decor of Kenjekura

Inspired by niche West Bengali artisans' enigmatic and vibrant style, our Kenjekura-inspired wooden art is what your house needs for a refreshing new look. These artefacts blend the aesthetics of wood carving with the dynamic style of Kenjekura, which gives you a truly unique art piece. It also gives a royal appeal that true Indian artisans can only achieve.


Adding an earthy feel to your home decor, our acceptable range of Terracotta artefacts provide a down-to-earth ambience wherever they are. Each piece is made by the honed terracotta artists of Bishnupur, West Bengal, who construct it with the finest materials and utmost care to give it a regal look. You can choose from a wide range of products, ranging from kettles to custom-made wall art.

Dokra of Bikna

Dokra is an ancient non-ferrous metal casting art style that has been practised in India for over 4000 years. The technique allows you to mould metals through wax casting, creating aesthetically unique pieces. Allowing you to embrace this ancient art style into your decor, we provide you with our acceptable range of Dokra artefacts made by trained artisans of the Bikna village, which is said to be the birthplace of the art form. The artisans who live here have been indulging in this artform for generations and will strive to keep it alive.

Handcrafted Jewellery by Local Artisans

When it comes to making jewellery pieces, no machine or self-operated device can beat the aesthetics of a generation-trained Indian artisan. Their techniques and skills have been honed from a very young age, and they have dedicated their lives to the art of jewellery making. Made by such skilled artisans, we bring you the most acceptable range of handcrafted jewellery made by local artisans. Each piece is crafted with precision and care, which assures to add a whole new charm to your outfit. Wear them with a dress or a saree, or their shine and exuberance will not go unnoticed.

Specially Designed Copper Bottles

Providing you with the goodness and cooling properties of copper, our specially designed copper bottles allow you to keep your drink fresh and flavourful for an extended period. They also give off a quirky look to your get-up and make a beautiful addition to whatever bag you are carrying.