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Discover transcendent artistry at Sowpeace. We transcend the digital realm to showcase India's extraordinary craft heritage. Our platform honors centuries of artisanal mastery, curating unparalleled decor pieces. Every creation you explore supports fair compensation for the skilled craftsmen behind them. Elevate your space with our captivating craft forms that narrate stories of tradition and ingenuity.

Handcrafted Terracotta

Transform your home decor with the natural charm of Terracotta artifacts, carefully crafted by skilled artisans from Bishnupur, West Bengal. Our exquisite Terracotta collection brings an earthy ambiance to any space. Explore a diverse range of products that exude regal allure from elegant kettles to custom-made wall art.

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Terracotta Wall Art

By Sanjib Bhattacharya

Experience the true essence of Terracotta art through the exquisite designs of Mr Sanjib Bhattacharya. Our stunning Terracotta wall decor pieces are meticulously handcrafted to infuse your interior with an earthy charm. Inspired by various motifs from Indian art and heritage, each piece unveils a forgotten realm of artistic beauty, reconnecting you with your roots.

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Dhokra Metal Craft

Transport yourself back in time with the ancient art of Dokra, a non-ferrous metal casting technique practiced in India for over 4000 years. Our remarkable Dokra artifacts, crafted by skilled artisans from the birthplace of the art form - Bikna village, are a testament to the rich cultural heritage. Embrace the uniqueness of wax casting, adding an aesthetically distinctive touch to your decor.

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Earthly Terracotta Utensils

Embrace eco-conscious living with our extraordinary range of Terracotta kettles, cups, and trays. Crafted from natural materials, these exquisite pieces leave no carbon footprint behind. Elevate your home decor while contributing to the preservation of mother nature.


Printed Copper Bottles

Experience the goodness of copper while keeping your drinks fresh and flavourful with our specially designed printed copper bottles. Not only do they offer functional benefits, but their quirky designs also add a stylish touch to your everyday carry.

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We take bulk orders of assorted items from our collection that suit your requirement. You can visit our portal, add your items to get a quick quote, and we’ll get back to you shortly.