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Resting Ganesh Showpiece: How to Put Lord Ganesh in Your Place

by Sowpeace Digital 22 Feb 2023 0 Comments
Resting Ganesh Showpiece: How to Put Lord Ganesh in Your Place - Sowpeace

Ganesha is always significant in Hindu mythology and is frequently used in home decor to represent peace, power, integrity, and strength. Ganesha is the elephant-headed God of blessings and the removal of barriers. Elephants are also associated with Gautama Buddha. Keeping Elephant figurines is said to help remove impediments. Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Indra's beautiful elephant carriage represents heavenly knowledge and royal authority. 

According to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, Ganesha has its own significance. Buy a terracotta showpiece online of Ganesh from Sowpeace representing power, wisdom, good fortune, and fertility in Feng Shui. Ganesha's statues and paintings are frequently used to bring optimism into a home.

According to Vastu Shastra, a resting Ganesha showpiece can be kept at home. Keeping a Ganesha statue or figurine at the entrance to your home or office, for example, will attract good luck and positive energy.

The front door of the house

Because Ganesha is thought to be a savior and defender, placing the statues near the front door is considered lucky when you buy a terracotta showpiece online of Ganesha. If your property has a large entryway that faces inwards, you can display a Ganesha with their trunks erect. You can also install the fortunate resting Ganesh by the front door or in the house's northeast corner. Feng Shui says to face your home outwards to protect it from evil or negative energy.


You can also place a resting Ganesh at the door or entrance space if you have a small home office or workspace. Ganesha serves as workplace and household guards and protectors. Placing a Ganesha statue or picture near the front door can keep the chi energy inside. Placing the statue on the work desk improves concentration, and focus, and helps with stress management.

Children's area

Hanging Ganesha paintings in the study area or office is also considered lucky in Vastu. If you wish to hang an elephant in your children's room, choose a mother-child pair. You may also position the figure in the form of wallpaper or toys, according to Feng Shui, to develop their understanding and boost their concentration level. Keep the toy statue on their study table if feasible.


Hang a Ganesha painting in your bedroom, according to Vastu, to strengthen your bond with your spouse. You may also use a pair of elephants as a monument, painting, or even pillow cover.

If you do not want a statue, our lovely resting Ganesh terracotta item will offer excellent Vastu effects to your home.

For more great terracotta or dhokra art, please contact us or order your preferred showpiece item from our website, which provides the best items from dokra showpiece supplier and get the most aesthetic look of your place with good luck.

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