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How Terracotta Was Resurrected in the Modern Era

by Sowpeace Digital 24 Feb 2023 0 Comments
How Terracotta Was Resurrected in the Modern Era - Sowpeace

Terracotta is a type of baked clay that has been used for a variety of purposes since ancient times. Terracotta is a natural material that is free of chemicals and toxins. Terracotta is also free of carcinogenic chemicals that are harmful to both plants and animals. Terracotta was first used by the Indus Valley culture by the terracotta products manufacturers between 3300 BC and 1700 BC. Since ancient times, the Chinese have used terracotta for ceramics. The demise of traditional terracotta arts and pottery in India was also due to the influx of beautiful terracotta products from China.

But in the era of fashionable and cheap modern arts dominance, terracotta was about to get an instinct. Sowpeace has brought the traditional and aesthetic culture of terracotta gradually. We know the significance and contribution of great terracotta culture to our civilization. 

It is also interesting how terracotta is getting revived now. Know here. 

  • Modern people gradually realized that, while the items they were utilizing were inexpensive, they were not natural, such as clay.
  • The less expensive alternatives were cancerous and poisonous. They were damaging the ecosystem and contributing to global warming. The disposable things were not reusable or recyclable, and they were harming the environment.
  • Terracotta, while initially costly, proved to be cost-effective in the long term. It was not only healthy but also long-lasting if handled with care.
  • Furthermore, terracotta contains no chemical ingredients and is BPA-free. Terracotta is reusable and recyclable, and it does not harm the environment. People began to see its worth.
  • Brands such as Sowpeace began to bring terracotta decor items from the terracotta products manufacturers and household products in the most recent designs. People become interested in these things due to their contemporary designs and health benefits.
  • Sowpeace's mission is to resurrect our lost culture and art by reintroducing the use of terracotta and baked clay, among other materials. With renewed zest and enthusiasm, many other firms and small-scale manufacturers began to create terracotta pots, utensils, and artefacts.
  • Terracotta jewellery is also popular these days. Terracotta naturally has a brilliant orange colour, and artists nowadays use a variety of colours and styles to make it more appealing.

Now if you have understood the benefits of using classic terracotta items, then you can start to use them in your household or commercials from today. These items can not only provide you with an aesthetic charm but also are eco-friendly and easy to use. 

Sowpeace has a range of original terracotta decor items for your in-house or commercial decoration at a budget-friendly price with the easiest shipment process. You can get the precious terracotta decor items or dhokra art online India with just a simple order from anywhere in India.
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