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What Are the Different Types of Indian Handicraft Products?

India is full of cultural richness and authenticity. Indian Handicrafts have always played a significant role in people's lives, and their importance has grown. The exquisite art and crafts result from the tireless efforts of a vast group of skilled artisans. So, if you want to decorate your rooms with Indian handicrafts buy terracotta showpiece online and enhance the room's beauty.

Do you know the market of the Indian handcraft products? The India handicrafts market has achieved a significant milestone, reaching a market size of 3,968.0 Million dollars in 2022, as per the latest market research report by IMARC Group. IMARC Group predicts that the market will continue to grow steadily and expects it to reach 6,218.4 Million dollars by 2028, with a growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% during 2023-2028.

This shows that the popularity of the Indian handicraft product is exponential. So now, let's discuss the different types of Indian handicraft products you can use to decorate your home.

Different Types Of Indian Handicraft Products

Bamboo art

Bamboo handicrafts are indisputably the most environmentally friendly crafts produced in India. They comprise many items such as baskets, dolls, toys, furniture, mats, wall hangings, crossbows, jewelry boxes, etc. West Bengal, Assam, and Tripura are the main areas where bamboo handicrafts are primarily produced.

Clay Craft

From the time of the Indus Valley civilization, clay craft or pottery is on the trend, and it is the most primitive form of handicraft in India. Those involved in the art of pottery are commonly known as "Kumhaars." Pottery is not only renowned for its Terracotta form, but it also boasts various other forms such as red ware, grey ware, and black ware.

Shell Craft

Another standard Indian handicraft product is shell crafts. It is mainly of three types: conch shells, tortoiseshells, and sea shells. Shell handicrafts produce a wide range of goods, including bangles, forks, decorative bowls, lockets, curtains, chandeliers, mirror frames, table mats, and more.

Dokra Craft

Dhokra art, a distinctive form of metal casting, is widely practiced in Madhya Pradesh and parts of Bihar, Odisha, and West Bengal. This exceptional handicraft is renowned for its simplicity, yet it produces one-of-a-kind items each time. Artisans use this technique to create exquisite jewelry, ashtrays, pens, and candle stands. So, from the best dokra showpiece supplier, you will get your decorative materials for your home.

Brass Craft

The durability of brass makes it an advantageous material for handicrafts. In Indian households, various items made of brass, such as Lord Ganesha figures in different postures, vases, tabletops, perforated lamps, ornament boxes, wine glasses, and more, are still widely used today.

India is filled with diverse people with different cultures and beliefs. Also, in India, diversity is seen in handicrafts. Each region has its own crafts, depicting their culture and the story behind it. If you want to enhance your home's decor with unique handicrafts, these exquisite Indian handicraft products are just what you need.

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