Giving back to the community

We firmly believe in giving back to society. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with various reputable NGOs to contribute towards the betterment of marginalized communities and the environment. Our promise is to donate a significant percentage of the total revenue generated through our collaborations with these NGOs. By supporting us, you are not only embellishing your home with authentic Indian craftsmanship but also becoming a part of a bigger cause - helping the underprivileged and preserving our rich cultural heritage.

  • Preserving Indian Heritage

  • Empowering Artisans

  • Making a Difference

  • Order with Purpose

    Placing an order at Sowpeace is not just about acquiring a piece of exquisite Indian art; it's an opportunity to contribute to a greater cause.

  • Transparent Revenue Calculation

    At the end of each fiscal year, we meticulously calculate the total revenue earned from our collaborations with NGOs.

  • Impactful Donations

    These funds are utilized to implement meaningful projects and initiatives that uplift communities and promote positive change.

Explore through a wide variety of intricate craft forms

Explore the origins and the process behind these incredible traditional art forms of the country.