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सब तुम्हारा

सब तुम्हारा

नियमित रूप से मूल्य ₹ 1,699
नियमित रूप से मूल्य विक्रय कीमत ₹ 1,699
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We handcraft with love, so expect 30-40 days dispatch time. Pre-made skus ships within 24 hours.

Inventory status: Made by Artisan on Order

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About the Artform

Allowing us to comprehend the true potential of terracotta art, these amazingly designed terracotta wall decor pieces are created by the ingenious artist, Mr Sanjib Bhattacharya. Each piece is uniquely designed to add a particular feel and appeal to a refined interior and can embellish your rooms with an earthy ambiance. The colour schemes for each piece have been inspired by a different motif, with which the artist has tried to encompass the essence of Indian art and its heritage. Each piece speaks of a different realm of art of our country, and helps us reconnect with our roots that are forgotten.

All yours --Sowpeace-All yours --Sowpeace-All yours-Terr/WART/SANJ/TRFM-Sowpeace-TerrWARTSANJTRFM-Sowpeace

Discover Timeless Beauty

Welcome to a world where tradition meets contemporary aesthetics. Our Terracotta Wall Art Collection is a testament to the age-old craft of terracotta making. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring a touch of authenticity and uniqueness in every design. Adorn your walls with these masterpieces and let the rich heritage of terracotta transform your space.




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All yours --Sowpeace-All yours --Sowpeace-All yours-Terr/WART/SANJ/TRFM-Sowpeace-TerrWARTSANJTRFM-Sowpeace

What material is सब तुम्हारा made of ?

सब तुम्हारा is made of Terracotta

What is the colour of सब तुम्हारा ?

The colour of सब तुम्हारा is Natural Terracotta shade

What is the price of सब तुम्हारा ?

The price of सब तुम्हारा is mentioned below the title of the product.

What is the size and dimension of सब तुम्हारा ?

The size and dimension of सब तुम्हारा is 46 cm X 0.8 cm X 28.2 cm

Which artform is used in the making of सब तुम्हारा ?

The artform used in the making of सब तुम्हारा is Handmade Terracotta art

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    Premium Quality

    Meticulously crafted products from the finest materials.

  • Uniqueness

    Exclusive designs that elevates your living space.

  • Connecting Artisans

    Fostering connections with talented artisans.

  • Your Satisfaction

    Unwavering commitment to prioritize your satisfaction.

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Most Loved

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Introducing the Artisan Terracotta Tribal Family Wall Art by Sowpeace – a captivating masterpiece designed to elevate your home decor to unprecedented heights. Crafted with love, this exquisite wall art is made from premium terracotta clay, with meticulous attention to detail. The process involves burning the clay into small pieces, expertly assembling them on a sleek black canvas, resulting in a stunning sculpture that captures the essence of unity and introduces a touch of cultural charm to your living space.

Discover the Terracotta Tribal Family Wall Art: A Fusion of Artistry and Craftsmanship

  1. Premium Terracotta Decor: Elevate Your Space
    Immerse your living space in sophistication with the Premium Terracotta Decor of the Tribal Family Wall Art. This captivating piece serves as a testament to the refined elegance that terracotta brings to your home.
  2. Terracotta Wall Art: Unveiling Cultural Narratives
    Go beyond conventional wall art with the Terracotta Tribal Family masterpiece, which unveils cultural narratives and traditions. Its unique design and earthy terracotta color create an inspiring visual story within your living environment.
  3. Terracotta Home Decor: The Essence of Warmth
    Infuse your home with the essence of warmth through Terracotta Home Decor. The Tribal Family Wall Art, with its intricate design and earthy hues, adds a welcoming touch to your living space, creating an atmosphere of comfort and cultural richness.
  4. Terracotta Wall Decor: Fusion of Tradition and Modernity
    Experience the Fusion of Tradition and Modernity with the Terracotta Tribal Family Wall Decor. The artful combination of traditional terracotta craftsmanship and modern design elements results in a unique and timeless piece that transcends contemporary decor norms.
  5. Terracotta Wall Hanging: Aesthetic Harmony
    Achieve aesthetic harmony with the Terracotta Tribal Family Wall Hanging, which seamlessly integrates into your decor. The captivating sculpture becomes a focal point, blending effortlessly with your interior design while offering a cultural touch.
  6. Decorating with Terracotta: Artistic Expression
    Explore Artistic Expression through decorating with terracotta. The Tribal Family Wall Art serves as a striking example of how terracotta allows you to express artistry within your living spaces, making a bold statement about cultural significance.
  7. Wall Art Terracotta: Earthy Elegance
    Embrace Earthy Elegance with Wall Art Terracotta. The Tribal Family sculpture, with its earthy terracotta tones, introduces an understated elegance to your home, creating a harmonious balance between sophistication and natural charm.
  8. Large Terra Cotta Flower Pot: Artistic Dimensions
    While not a conventional flower pot, the Tribal Family Wall Art embodies Artistic Dimensions similar to a Large Terra Cotta Flower Pot. It becomes a vessel of cultural expression, showcasing the versatility of terracotta in various forms.
  9. Terracotta Clay Wall Hanging: Handcrafted Precision
    Appreciate the Handcrafted Precision evident in the Terracotta Tribal Family Wall Hanging. Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, the sculpture reflects the intricate workmanship that defines terracotta clay wall hangings, turning them into exquisite pieces of art.
  10. Terracotta Home Decor Items: Versatile Additions
    Enrich your collection of Terracotta Home Decor Items with the Tribal Family Wall Art. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly integrate into different areas of your home, offering a unique aesthetic that enhances the overall decor.
  11. Wall Hanging Terracotta: Cultural Resonance
    Experience Cultural Resonance with Wall Hanging Terracotta items like the Tribal Family sculpture. Its portrayal of familial bonds resonates culturally, creating a meaningful and visually appealing addition to your living space.
  12. Large Clay Vase: Sculptural Grace
    Draw inspiration from the Sculptural Grace of a Large Clay Vase as the Tribal Family Wall Art adorns your walls. Its artistic form and terracotta material contribute to an elevated sense of grace and cultural appreciation.
  13. Terracotta Bedroom Decor: Tranquil Atmosphere
    Extend the tranquil atmosphere of the Tribal Family Wall Art to your bedroom decor. The sculpture becomes a symbolic representation of unity and family bonds, fostering a serene ambiance in your personal space.
  14. Terracotta Wall Art for Garden: Outdoor Cultural Expression
    While primarily an indoor decor item, the Tribal Family Wall Art inspires outdoor cultural expression. Consider exploring terracotta pieces designed for gardens to seamlessly extend the cultural charm beyond your home's interior.
  15. Terracotta Color Vase: Harmonious Hues
    Immerse your living spaces in Harmonious Hues reminiscent of a Terracotta Color Vase. The natural terracotta color of the Tribal Family sculpture creates a cohesive palette, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your home.
  16. Terracotta Color Wall Art: Timeless Appeal
    Appreciate the Timeless Appeal of Terracotta Color Wall Art with the Tribal Family sculpture. Its color palette ensures that it remains relevant and visually appealing, standing as a testament to the enduring beauty of terracotta.
  17. Terracotta House Decor: Cultural Finesse
    Transform your house into a haven of Cultural Finesse with Terracotta House Decor. The Tribal Family Wall Art adds finesse to your decor, creating an atmosphere that reflects cultural pride and artistic appreciation.
  18. Terracotta Home Decor Online Shopping: Curated Excellence
    Explore Curated Excellence through Terracotta Home Decor Online Shopping. Sowpeace's online platform ensures that you discover unique and curated terracotta pieces, including the Tribal Family Wall Art, from the comfort of your home.
  19. Buy Clay Décor Online: Artistic Discoveries
    Embark on a journey of Artistic Discoveries with Buy Clay Decor Online. Sowpeace offers a curated selection of terracotta items, allowing you to explore and acquire unique pieces that contribute to the cultural and artistic richness of your home.
  20. Terracotta Décor for Living Room: Inviting Elegance
    Elevate your living room with Inviting Elegance through Terracotta Decor. The Tribal Family Wall Art serves as a focal point, inviting conversations and admiration, while adding an elegant touch to your living space.
  21. Eco-Friendly Décor for Home: Sustainable Choices
    Embrace Sustainable Choices with the Terracotta Tribal Family Wall Art. Crafted from natural and eco-friendly terracotta, this piece aligns with your commitment to eco-conscious living, ensuring that your home decor choices are both stylish and environmentally responsible.
  22. Natural Décor for Home: Organic Appeal
    Immerse your living space in Organic Appeal with the Tribal Family Wall Art. Its use of natural terracotta materials establishes a connection with the earth, creating a natural and organic aesthetic within your home.
  23. Terracotta Decorative Items: Functional Art
    Discover the world of Functional Art with Terracotta Decorative Items like the Tribal Family Wall Art. It transcends mere decoration, becoming a functional and aesthetic masterpiece that enhances your daily life.
  24. Buy Terracotta Wall Hanging Decoration Online: Unique Statements
    Make Unique Statements with your decor by choosing to Buy Terracotta Wall Hanging Decoration Online. The Tribal Family Wall Art, while not a traditional wall hanging, contributes to unique statements within your living spaces, showcasing the diverse possibilities of terracotta.
  25. Buy Terracotta Wall Art Online In India: Celebrating Cultural Artistry
    Celebrate Cultural Artistry by Buying Wall Art Online In India. Sowpeace's online platform provides access to a diverse range of terracotta pieces that showcase the cultural richness and artistic significance of this ancient craft, allowing you to bring home unique and culturally resonant artworks.
  26. Shop Handmade Terracotta Heritage Wall Hanging: Artistic Heritage
    Experience Artistic Heritage with a Handmade Terracotta Heritage Wall Hanging. Each piece is a testament to the cultural depth and significance embedded in terracotta craftsmanship, allowing you to connect with the rich heritage of this art form.
  27. Terracotta Wall Hanging: Cultural Stories
    Tell Cultural Stories with a Terracotta Wall Hanging. The Tribal Family Wall Art, with its functional and aesthetic appeal, becomes a cherished part of your narrative, creating a visually stunning display that complements the cultural connections within your home.
  28. Terracotta Wall Plates: Artistic Narratives
    Transform your walls into a canvas of Artistic Narratives with Terracotta Wall Plates. The addition of these decorative plates enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a thematic display that resonates with cultural richness and artistic expression.
  29. Terracotta Handicraft: Cultural Treasures
    Terracotta Handicraft represents Cultural Treasures that bring a touch of sophistication to your home. Explore the world of terracotta handicraft, where traditional techniques and contemporary design converge to create timeless masterpieces that resonate with cultural pride.

Conclusion: Terracotta Tribal Family Wall Art – A Masterpiece Beyond Decor

In conclusion, the Terracotta Tribal Family Wall Art transcends being merely a decor piece; it stands as a functional and aesthetic masterpiece that tells a story of unity, family, and cultural richness. As we've explored the diverse landscape of terracotta decor, we've witnessed the versatility and timeless appeal of this art form. From wall art to functional items, terracotta allows you to create a living space that reflects your unique style and appreciation for cultural depth and handcrafted elegance. Commence your journey into the world of terracotta decor today and transform your home into a haven of cultural beauty, artistic richness, and timeless elegance.