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The Types of Ceramics for Making Attractive Pottery

by Anirban Biswas 30 Jul 2023 0 Comments
The Types of Ceramics for Making Attractive Pottery - Sowpeace

You might admire a variety of ceramic pottery. Isn’t it?

What types of ceramics do you know about?

In the present scenario, individuals buy terracotta products online to beautify their homes and offices.

Artisans prepare ceramic pottery with the help of superb ceramics using various techniques. Ceramic pottery is made with the help of clay, water, earthen materials, and other natural materials.

The pottery of ceramics is shaped and fired at high temperatures to make the objects strong, hardened, and heat-resistant.

Do you want to learn about the beautiful ceramics that help worthy potters prepare a perfect pottery? So, continue with the blog and have some extraordinary knowledge.

Various Types of Ceramics You Must Know About

Various ceramics make ample products, like planters, kitchenware, valves, pipes, cooktops, and many more.

Let’s subtly glimpse various ceramics and understand the topic perfectly.


Earthenware is a type of pottery or traditional ceramic. With the help of earthenware ceramic, potters can create dishes, bowls, and some decorative items.

The pottery is prepared with the help of clay fired at low temperatures. Terracotta is a popular and common type of earthenware. It’s a clay-based and unglazed ceramic that produces a flawless range of bricks, water pipes, and more.

Earthenware pottery is porous but less durable than other pottery ceramics.


Porcelain is another ceramic type made from clay and fired at high temperatures approx. 1200-1450 degrees Celsius.

The brilliant ceramic can be sculpted into beautiful and delicate shapes. It’s a traditional ceramic but carries heat resistance and hardness features. Bathroom tiles, decorative sculptures, and various other objects are made with the help of the incredible porcelain ceramic.


Durable ceramic stoneware pottery is fired at temperatures between 1200 to 1300 degrees Celsius. The objects made of stoneware ceramics are pretty solid and chipping-resistant.

Different materials are mixed in the clay used to make stoneware ceramics. The strength of the ceramic makes the products admired by customers.

These days, potters are interested in preparing stoneware products. Artisans used to create decorative sculptures, mugs, and vases by glazing them to put different colors in the decorative pieces and make the objects even more attractive.

Stoneware is a versatile ceramic that creates multiple types of pottery and objects.

Bone China

Being an advanced ceramic, Bone China is created from powdered bone ash. It’s a form of porcelain that is less prone to chipping.

The color of Bone China is white or colorless and is fired at a higher temperature of 1200-1450 degrees Celsius.


The bottom line says that various ceramics are used to make exquisite decorative pieces, beautiful dishes, pipes, and valves. If you love buying quality decorative items or want to buy handmade dhokla art items online, connect with Sowpeace and get unique products to make your home look wonderful at pocket-friendly prices.

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