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What is dokra art and why it is so precious?

by Sowpeace Digital 14 Feb 2023 1 comment
What is dokra art and why it is so precious? - Sowpeace

Metal casting has been used in India for over 4,000 years, and Dhokra (sometimes written Dokra) is a nonferrous metal lost-wax casting procedure. The Mohenjo-Daro dancing girl is one of the earliest known lost wax items. Dhokra artists' works are in high demand in both domestic and foreign markets due to their basic simplicity, fascinating folk themes, and robust shape. You can see some Elephants, peacocks, owls, religious figurines, measuring bowls, and lamp caskets are among the most valuable items.

In this blog section, find every inch of detail of the traditional dhokra art and why you must buy dokra art online from Sowpeace

How did it get its name?

The Dhokra Damar tribes are the principal traditional metalsmiths of West Bengal and Odisha. Dhokra metal casting is named after their tribe's lost wax casting technique. Members of the tribe are distant cousins of the Chhattisgarh Dhokras and inhabit Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Odisha. Dhokras originated in Central and Eastern India and expanded south to Kerala and north to Rajasthan a few hundred years ago, and are now found throughout India. Dhokra, sometimes known as Dokra, is a famous craft in Dwariapur, West Bengal.

Dhokra art and its rareness

Each piece of Dokra craftsmanship has its own distinct individuality. Dokra was generally studied and passed down through the generations as a great skill. The Bastar region typically devotes a large amount of time to the creation of these Handicrafts. This process necessitates a high level of precision and competence. Although the Dhokra and Bell Metal Handicrafts can be found all over the world, the way the artisans of Chhattisgarh carve the things by the impression of their sheer smoothness is worth seeing.

Dhokra art with modern clay modeling

Modeling clay is acceptable as long as it can be hardened to preserve its shape by drying or firing. Another method is to do it in plaster; there are commercially available kits for this in hobby and craft stores. Making the casting you want should be simply based on either of these perceptions.

Why dhokra art is so special

As it is the rarest form of art and in today’s fast world it is near about to extinct for the lack of its formation place and not enough marketing stores. Sowpeace respects the artists, who make this aesthetic dhokra art to spread its royalty and cultural elegance to everyone. Only a few special artists from a special custom can make the true dhokra and terracotta decorative items with their original making process. This is why it is so special and unique simultaneously.

Buy the best dhokra and terracotta art online

When you are looking for original quality aesthetic art forms then you must choose a reliable online website that can deliver the original art from the house of the artist. Sowpeace, is the place that brings precious terracotta home decor items from the true terracotta makers in West Bengal.

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1 comment

16 Oct 2023 Perry Buckner

Where can I learn how to make Dokra art?

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